Learning from Labyrinth

Learning from Labyrinth

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The labyrinth through its four quadrants — Awareness, Letting Go, Vision & Transformation — can lead to countless surprising insights and is a powerful tool to facilitate creative transformation.   

It is widely known that a labyrinth is a place of meditation and contemplative journeys. Only one path leads to the center and back to the exit. This path takes all the space available and there are no other routes to discover.

One path to the center, one to the exit, no crossroads, no alternatives, no magic shortcuts. When we enter the labyrinth, we can see the center just a few steps away from us.   

When we start walking, we realise how long and torturous and winding the path is. And still we can only trust and  follow the way, because, as life teaches us, when we have a project, an objective, we need time and patience to get there. We need a lifetime to find ourselves.  

Learning from Labrynth — with exercises to inspire your thinking in each of the four quadrants —  gives you an open window into this lifetime of learning.    

Happy journeys.

Our friend and colleague, Joe Miguez, the creator of the Labyrinth methodology, spent the last decades of his life working with and sharing Labyrinth Xperiences around the world.

He focused upon the architectural principles of “the lab” to design accessible labyrinth-based creativity tools. Working with those tools, we will be in awareness enhancing spaces where ideas emerge, where there is self-discovery and where our attention may become action-producing intention. 

We will, to quote Joe Miguez “slow down so that we can go faster”.  

3 things you will do in this session: 

- Remember or rediscover something you already knew
- Understand what the labyrinth and its four quadrants mean to you
- Apply this understanding to a real challenge in your world